Real Estate Project Management: Consulting & Real Estate Management


With twenty years of experience in real estate strategies, property management, and project management, I offer you my expertise to turn your strategic vision into success in the field on your schedule through consulting support for real estate project management.* My outsourcing solution relies on my relationship of trust with my clients. I provide long-term support for their real estate development by offering them solutions that meet their specific needs.
  • Structuring/Development stages
  • Design/Scheduling stages
  • Implementation/Execution stages or Delivery stage
Working with Adr’s Project Management is a guarantee of support in a successful and secure project process that avoids many pitfalls.

*Consulting support for real estate project management: lead the design, execution, delivery, and management of any real estate project on your behalf

Adr’s Project Management: Conduct of real estate project for the valuation of your property.