Real Estate Project Management: Consulting & Real Estate Management


The mission of Adr’s Project Management is to conduct operations on behalf of public or private owners in coordination with internal and external stakeholders to manage projects in a way that minimizes risks.

Project management areas:

  • Determination and implementation of the real estate strategy
  • Architectural design, commercial and real estate scheduling
  • Implementation in terms of timeline and costs
  • Delivery of the project to the final buyers

Our clients ask for our help in their decision-making because Adr’s Project Management is able to provide genuine expertise.

Adr's Project Management's Goals

1/ To meet the overall needs of companies’ real estate strategies
2/ To provide innovative and secure solutions.
3/ To turn your strategic real estate vision into success in the field.

Adr's Project Management's Pledges

1/ To save you time, energy, and money
2/ To respect your timeline and budget
3/ To make your project your success
4/ To manage risks
5/ To motivate and unite internal and external stakeholders

Adr’s Project Management: Conduct of real estate project for the valuation of your property.