Real Estate Project Management: Consulting & Real Estate Management

Why Us?

The role of Adr’s Project Management is to guarantee the project owner respect for the agenda, schedule, and costs as part of the previously determined investment.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Analysis and expression of needs
  • Implementation and planning of a real estate strategy
  • Determination of a real estate program
  • Organization, establishment, and team management of project management and construction team
  • Design and feasibility study of an mixed-used urban project
  • Monitoring of implementation and support in delivery and reception

Our Strengths:

  • Collaboration with executive management
  • Supervision and management of multidisciplinary and multicultural internal and external teams
  • Development and management of major mixed-used urban construction projects from €10 to €100M
  • Negotiation with most major brands and commercial retailers
  • Effectiveness in negotiating with local authorities and the administration
Why Trust Us:
In terms of the various stages of a project and by relying on men and women on the ground, managers, and technicians, Adr’s Project Management has created a network of motivated and united partners around the interest of your project.

Adr’s Project Management: Conduct of real estate project for the valuation of your property.